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How to make hair gloss before the wedding?

Nothing is more elegant and desirable than a woman with perfectly shiny hair. For the many women who excel, their strength lies in the proper care of hair and the use of right products. However, it’s time to try the leading and most popular product today in the beauty industry, for the countless women who remain unsure about how to get bright hair. By using hair products, you can not only get shiny but beautiful hair, which everyone envies.

Follow these simple steps below to make hair gloss before the wedding.


  1. hair productsCold and hot water wash your hair. This will make your hair close and smooth and make your cuticle look beautiful and irresistibly clean. Now take your favorite Moisture Reparation Shampoo, add a little to your wet hair and massage it softly into your shirt. The Moisture Repair Shampoo will cleanse your hair and provide it with important nutrients, such as keratin, fatty acids and argan oil proteins. Rinse thoroughly after shampooing to free your hair from any traces.
  2. Using and massage a small quantity of Moroccan oil treatment to moisturize your hair (after shampooing). Important: make sure the amount you use is only appropriate for your hair. The Oil Treatment is designed with one application to make your hair shiny and smooth. It absorbs instantly into your hair, thus reducing frizz and speeding up styling to 40 percent. It also offers long-term conditioning.
  3. Until drying, a small amount of Hydrating Cream is recommended to add brightness and depth. This product is also ideal for the removal of frizz because it hydrates and conditions your argan oil.
  4. Spray your hair with Gold Glimmer Shine after the appropriate hairstyle to add a long-lasting gloss to your hair. The Gold Glimmer is very powerful to shield your hair from harmful chemicals that can damage it in the long term. Keep the distance between 10 and 12 inches when spraying with Gold Glimmer Shine. Tip: do it in a cycle.


No shortcuts to get shining bridal hair are available. In reality, having perfect and shiny hair takes a lot of hard work to preserve your beauty. In addition, you must also use the right hair products to make your dream of shiny, lovely and beautiful hair real. You can supply products with everything you like!